Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top 10 Reasons

Since I'm on job hunt these dayz and also reading some related blogs like Microsoft Technical Careers, Job Syntax, Being Bold Career, etc.; came across a post on Top 10 reasons by Zoe & Gretchen:

- Why You're not finding a Job and
- Why employers have hard time hiring good talent;

I am not sure in which category I am gonna fall or have already fallen (its been only a month since I seriously started hunting), is it that the employers can't find me or I am not able to find the right job with the right prospects.


liale said...

I can redommend doing it the "students" way: cherish the illusion to believe in what we work for and be so idealistic to also assume that the business world out there will jump when they hear about our crazy ideas and pay millions of dollors for it... hmm I love living the dream =) (okok, at least for the next 3 years *hüpf*)
hmm guess that doesn't help a lot.. whatever, come and join my club! it's sunny there and they have a lot of biiidges ;)

small-M said...

:-)).. i wud love to join your club.. who cares for jobs when we have sunny biidges ;) n beaches too n soon someone will pay a million dollar for my ideas ;))