Monday, May 22, 2006

Anonymous Mention

I am getting the returns of spending my time on blogosphere :-), the other day Peter from Blogger for Dummies or Tips n Tricks left a thank you note for linking to his blog. And yesterday, i got my first very own anonymous post by someone anonymous too on Reflexionzzz... by Dexter :-), it was an anonymous post looking anonymously for ME :-). A new way of getting to know interesting people, and I am enjoying my time on blogosphere.

And, following up on my last post for blog or not to, another one of our Munich Co. (actually its mo&co@muc) has started her blog, a dear friend of mine, so here it is Liale Blogs; And she started with a bang ;-) about her article on Sinnbefreit or why do we blog? And also you can read my longest ever comment on her second article which when I read again made no-sense to myself, but now its there "Goal or Sinn Lets ask Homer". Stop by!!

Can someone help me find a flight from Munich to Eindhoven?? Surprisingly I couldn't find one, there are just no connections to Eindhoven, hard to believe, but the closest is Brussels or some strange connection by Air France to E. costing 2000 Euros and taking 12 hours :-)

New Read: Kafka on the Shore - Very interesting start, lets see where it takes me!!


liale said...

have to say getting addicted myself, I always enjoy reading Mohan's blog one of the most :).
How do you like Kafka? It helped me a lot during a time of insecurity and "hanging"... maybe we should sometimes all do that: follow the stream of life *smile*.
Hmm Munich-Eindhoven: why don't drive from somewhere? I think Mr. Poetzsch has a lot of free time still and needs desperately some making-up-my-mind-changing-walls-scenarie i think ;)

Dexter said...

he he ha ha! actually i am semi in my friends know the "real" me! :D

small-M said...

@lia: I am loving Kafka on the Shore, got me hooked up, i have almost read half way in 3 days (ok, i hav a lot of free time too) .. just read the "cat killing" chapter ..
as per my trip to eindhoven, i will find some way to reach there!! .. like the book, doing some hitch-hiking :-)