Saturday, April 07, 2007

Vista, Orb & Wireless

Have been using vista for few days now. Must say, its really sleek (even more than mac, n windows users don't have to hide from macs anymore) and fun to use. But some components like sidebar, explorer keep crashing all the time (even thou' without much problem). Further its a bit of a learning curve to use vista. Until now (ie. XP), you give me XP in any language and i can use it without even knowing the language, been using windows for years now (JFI: used Linux - still do n Macs both). But with vista, lot of changes and needs time getting accustomed to all the new functionalities. But i suppose its worth, feels less nerdy :)) to use it.

Orb? Great piece of software, to access and stream any of your data from base PC to any PC conntected to net, to PDA, to Xbox, etc. No need to carry or transfer data to any external google servers :).. just install on base PC, and access anywhere. Lot of technologies coming up in this direction, give it a shot, its def. useful if you wanna access n stream your digital files.

And with wireless, its just so much easier n fun to use. Now all my music, videos, web videos, photos, even directories n files are accesible anywhere with wireless and even better on my XDA.. just waiting to get the Xbox steup :))

Mebbe, it sounds kinda technical, believe me it won't take mintues.

n PS - Happy Easter


Your Graceness said...

I'm debating about Vista. I just downloaded OneNote 2007, through the university's license program, and it's really great. This is what I've been using PowerPoint mainly...accumulating multiple bits of information and data formats on one space.

Hmm...maybe I'll ask you more about Vista some time. :)

Mohan said...

yeah, used onenote too, even thou not so much of a use for a desktop PC< but its great software for tablet PC and for students. Oh and as per me, i am enjoying vista, its so much more sleek and easy.. u shud def. give it a try.. everyone says its copied MAc functions, but its just progression for windows from 95 to 98 to 00 to xp to vista.. so its great ..