Thursday, April 19, 2007

Somewhat Successful Malakar's Experiment

So the other day, after reading the article about the 300% increase in search activity for Sanjaya and Shyamali Malakar, I decided to post about it, here, to try to give some boost/exposure to my tiny blog in the huge internet world and to see if linking does help in getting some extra traffic. Here are the results, not great, but for my blog, worth mentioning :))

So, the graph of the no. of people (unique) visting the main blog page a week before I posted the post looked like this (FYI: the y-axis is 0 to 25):

And the graph after the post is like this (FYI: the y-axis is 0 to 125):

For that particular day (Sunday, April 15), there is indeed a steep increase in the no. of visitors and 99.9% came through searching for either Sanjaya Malakar or his sister.

52% came from searching on Malakar
54% visited only page


Latest News: Sanjaya Malakar has been finally voted off the show. Americans are RELIEVED now :)), I think there was just too much talk about it and over-exposure & I just used that to get some exposure to my blog also. Until next time.

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Your Graceness said...

To be honest, I didn't mind Sanjaya...because he was an interesting kid. Clearly, he wasn't the best singer, but I don't think the public should treat him poorly because of his perceived unmerited staying power on the show. He's just a kid. It's not like booing the Boston Red Sox. He's as human as any one of us, and he was clearly happy to have the opportunities given to him. For his age, I think he dealt with the constant negative feedback from the judges fairly well. People love to hate other people or put them down...I just hope they don't take it too far. I read an article that said he was at a baseball game with some friends and the camera found him in the crowd and showed his face on the screen. He started to smile and wave; but stupidly, the majority of the crowd started to boo him. I can't imagine getting that kind of reception at his age from a stadium of strangers.

Anyway, interesting statistics tool you've got there. :)