Sunday, April 01, 2007

TED Talk: Ze Frank

Check out Ze Frank's talk at TED 2004. Very Funny, don't miss!! Its great technology stand-up comedy;

Here's the LINK.

PS: its not an April Fools Joke


Your Graceness said...

He also has a Podcast, Mo. Very random, sometimes bewildering, but definitely funny with an edge. :)

Did you see Bill Clinton's talk? You can tell he's aged a bit, but I was very moved by his passion for his current work in developing countries.

Mohan said...

yeah, he does, .. it is bewildering sometimes thou.. i cudn't keep myself to watch his other podcasts.. but his talk was fun..

yeah, did watch clinton talk.. he is as always passionate n great.. u shud keep track of TED talks,.. i think its one of the best conference .. great speakers and motivations ..