Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sanjaya (of AI) <> Bush

Only if you are following American Idol this season, you must be aware of the underdog Sanjaya, american indian - last night conan made a sketch on american idol and he casts Prez Bush as Sanjaya. Enjoy the video, esp. the ending is best :)


Your Graceness said...

Love Conan...neutral on Sanjaya. Would've liked to see Gina stay though. There was also two earlier contestants that I would have liked to see stay: Nicole Tranquillo and Sabrina Sloan.

Nicole had an amazing performance during the earlier auditions but picked a bad song for her first public showing.

Sabrina was unexpectedly kicked out in the round of 16. She was one of the better performers; and that was very disappointing.

At this point, I think the next to go should be: Sanjaya, Phil, Haley, Chris, Blake, Lakisha, and Jordin. Of course, with Sanjaya's voters, he could fall somewhere later.

I think Melinda will be the Idol, and I think Jordin has a fresher edge than Lakisha, even though she's got an amazing voice.

Okay, clearly, I watch the show. :)

Mohan said...

wow, sure do do keep try of it. I think so too, Melinda shud win it, she has all what it takes.. great performer.. cheers