Friday, August 18, 2006

New Beta Issues

I migrated today to blogger beta. It definitely has a lot of new features and better publishing. Everyone must have read of the plus points. Here are some of the issues which I had to deal as soon as I migrated:
  • I can't use same browser (firefox) now for both my gmail and blogger account; as my blogger account had to be migrated to google account and as I didn't wanted use my primary gmail ID account, hence I transfered it to my blogging account As a result, change browser (IE) everytime I need to blog. Mebbe I will use flock or MS writer.
  • I have noticed that sometimes google product (orkut) doesn't work so well in IE. I always have problem signing in to orkut (google) and now blogger too.
  • Further I have a new age in blogger profile - I AM 250 - GREAT

  • Finally, it seems like they have migrated my account to (which I am sure is different from googlemail one or mebbe not but i shud check it out). Its shows on the dashboard now. I mailed them about it, waiting to hear from them.

Everything else seems to be fine for now!!

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