Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mo's Rainy Sunday Receipe

Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) Curry

Grind to a paste - 1 Onion, 2 Chillis (I added one red and one green so as its not very spicy), big chunk of ginger, 4 Garlic cloves and mint leaves. Add oil to a pan, before you add the paste, add cumin, and coriander seeds until light brown. And then add the paste. Fresh spices smell awesome :)
Keep stirring until the oil separates from the spice paste as seen below
Cut 2 Tomatoes, 4-5 potatoes and 1 can of kidney beans
Before you add tomatoes, add little bit of garam masala (mix of indian spicies), salt to taste and pinch of Turmeric.
And then add tomatoes and stirr until they mix properly
Seen like this
Add Potatoes and Kidney Beans and Add 2 Cups of Water and cook (slow heat) until potatoes are cooked
Trust me :) .. u won't be disappointed if you like Indian food

Dessert (am no expert in this now) - Most times, they end in disaster. So this time I went for something very very simple (thanks to lil for suggesting it)

Got 1 sliced mango with skin, plain yoghurt, saffron and tiny bit of milk to mix saffron
Grill the mango with brown sugar or plain sugar sprinkled on top
Mix the saffron in warm milk and add to yoghurt and mix throughly
Final product: Topped with pecan

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