Sunday, May 11, 2008

To The South

Last weekend, after coming back from the west, next day we decided to head little bit south of Dublin, town called Bray Head, for a day hike. One doesn't get nice sunny weather out here everyday, so gotta make use of it as much as possible. So we hop-on onto the train (half an hour from city center). And as we started to get close, cudn't see the sea anymore or the sun and was getting more n more foggy n misty. We started walking towards the beach n broadway walk and it was almost freezing :) n misty. It looked like this:
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 006

So we decided to have some warmth by drinking coffee and by then we started see a bit of sun over the hill but it was still heavily misty n foggy like 50-100 mts over us.
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 013

Still unsure, we decided to have a walk up the hill and see how it looks. And that was best of best decisions :) .. it started to get clear, sunny, warm, less windy.. almost like we went to different place
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 027

Now we were over the misty n foggy weather alongwith the sun :D (gotta say this again.. we don't get so much sun out here). And it was one of most scenic n surreal moments, was just amazing - the view, weather.
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 123

And we spent almost 3/4 hours hiking all over the hill (almost to next town - Greystones). Amazing how weather plays.
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 062
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 046
People enjoyin the sun over the Bray Head.

My fav. shot of the day:
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 117

And oh thats Bray Head Hill, n as you can see, its not that high and difference of weather was almost unbelievable.. one of best days in Ireland :)
2008-05-05 Bray Head Hike 143

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