Thursday, May 01, 2008

HDR - The Extravagance

The Extravagance, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.

I am starting to enjoy HDR photographs more n more, normally I don't like processing of shots to make effects or clean-ups or .. (mebbe thats another reason I never tried harder to learn photoshop :)). But HDR gives an extra angle to the image, feels more real, there's something in those shots which I can't explain but always catches my attention. But sadly, my D40 doesn't have auto-bracketing feature to shoot continuous shots with different exposures. Thou' I can still try with single RAW image. Hopefully I'll post some of my shots in HDR soon, first have to shoot something in RAW.

If you wanna see some more, here are the best HDR shots from Stuck in Customs on flickr.

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Winy said...

Actually you don't need the autobracketing feature to make HDR. You can take a set of 3 identical pics but one is overexposed, one is underexposed and the third one is normally exposed. (usually +/- 2 works quite fine for HDR)