Monday, May 12, 2008

Surprisingly Super Entertaining

Normally, am not big fan of reality shows and probably who is.. most of the time they are shite. But there is tiny bit something good about such shows also which help giving talented people a platform to perform. One such show is Britain Got Talent n I saw few episodes of "Britain Got Talent" last year and it was quite good (esp. the winner). Thou' in the end, when everyone is just singing (is singing the only talent left??) to win, it was sorta not what I liked about show but anyway its a good show. This year, it started nice, I saw this act n its the best, very enjoyable :) and it has quite a few things I enjoy n like .. Indian or Asian (UK asian cultural) Touch, Dancing, Michael Jackson, n Punjabi Music (remember Punjabi MC). Look at the crowd going crazy .. Enjoy..

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