Friday, October 24, 2008

Delhi Traffic

2008-10-20 India Gate, Old Delhi 003

I am totally overwhelmed by the traffic in Delhi. Even thou' I am not driving, just sitting n watching it makes me tired and bit afraid also. The traffic is just too much all the time and everywhere and worst part, people crossing n passing from any direction they find n not following the laws. One can't blame one person or another for the mess as everyone seems to be doing it, be it either bus drivers, trucks, vans, auto-rickshaws or cars. The best part of the transportation in Delhi seems to be Delhi Metro, a lot of it is still under construction but everything associated with it, works seamlessly. Am already looking forward for next visit, hopefully by then most major routes would be completed.

2008-10-20 India Gate, Old Delhi 012

Old Delhi, ok this one is the extreme case as its the old part of delhi which is already very congested.

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