Friday, November 21, 2008

Going Mobile

Recently, I got a new phone, Nokia N95 8Gb, its actually given to us as a part of research work being done in the field of social-ubiquitous computing in CASL, for the clarity group. I have been meaning to buy a new phone for quite some time now, my previous O2 windows mobile smart phone was a piece of s***.

I have heard/read about N95 but never tried myself. Ok, its not an iPhone, iPhone just kills every other brand out there in the user interface and web browsing exprience. But it lacks a lot of phone features which nokia has mastered over the years, without going into details of it.

Important thing for me, it has a 5MP camera + Wifi (without getting billed for data), which gives me more opportunities to shoot images and post it direcly from the phone or just post from mobile, even thou writting a post is quite a task from phone keyboard, hence I would be posting lot more image going around me.

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