Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

So contuning on my last post about xmas parties .. in some sense i am enjoying all of it .. last night we went to see the movie "I am not there", based on Bob Dylan's life n songs; the movie was good, but bit confusing .. they never once mentioned Bob Dylan and sometimes it just felt whether it all makes sense; thou i did enjoy Cate Blanchet's character for bob.

We had some great carving for mexican food after movie, surpringly there aren't that many mexican places to go, the first one we tried to go was a mix of italian and mexican .. am sure they won't be good in any .. how can u mix those two best cuisines .. Anyway we went to next one on George's Street and it ended up being booked for whole evening and we didn't knew of any other place. Following Kathleen's idea, we went n booked a table in a Lebanese Resturant (pics below) called Byblos.. such a full filling meal .. delicious; and we were so stuffed, we didn't vene looked for dessert menu thou we didn got see some belly dancing as dessert, if i might say :D

DSC_0016, originally uploaded by Mohan S.


Taigraness said...

Ooh, looks yummy. Let's go here when I come to visi...irgendwann in 2008. :)

Mohan-S said...

it was one of the best tasting food, loved it .. sure .. looking forward to see you in Dublin :))