Saturday, December 15, 2007

Been a while

4 weeks since my last post; i wanted to post something last night/morning, but internet was not working; thou i am sober now, whichever is better. So wats going with me in Irish land. Last weeks have been busy in several ways, had few presentations to give and the dry runs for those never went very well, so had to spent even more time in polishing the slides; in the end both presentations were good. In between those, its xmas time and to be true, am kinda sick of going to xmas or related parties; but i still have to force myself not to go to one.

Working in a university (phd student/research) has it benefits :) .. so I/we started with

  1. xmas lunch with just our own group .. extending until late night
  2. evening drinks with people from just our floor, to have more collaboration/interaction .. turned out be a whole night affair
  3. xmas party from the CS department .. extending until 7 in morning and for some other friends, going on until 7 in evening of following day :)
  4. mould wine n mince pies evening from student advisor at our dept.
  5. xmas party from the research lab i work in
  6. after xmas parties of people who i knw in other departments.. eg. conway
  7. and yesterday xmas/new-year's party by a friend

this is all in last 4 weeks, along with work n presentations, along with some drink evening with colleagues on odd days also; can imagine why i am sick of going to another one of those.. next week, am sure there is something from friends in other dept. but i have TO avoid going there. Thou' all of them were great fun. One of the best's :) times .. thanks all ..

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