Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

Def. nothing wrong in saying "Happy Christmas" which is the way people wish in Dublin, I always thought it should be "Merry Christmas" .. anyway .. thats not the point of the post. Its been quite an eventful christmas i must say; if you are following my previous posts; i haven't attended that many christmas parties, lunch's, dinners, night outs and all related stuff. Thou' i missed the Chriskindlmarkt's (christmas markets) from Germany; but i suppose the mold (or mulled) wine (just like Gluhwein) is keeping me not to miss them too much. In last 2 dinners i went; i just had mold wine :D

Its quite a busy season in dublin, the streets are packed to brim (i wudn't say it unless i really mean it, they r really really packed), at all times of the day. Also, its a big, sorta tradition or mebbe not a tradition but def. big, to go out tomorrow to local bars and pubs and drink a lot :) .. no big news .. ha'an.. its ireland.. so my friend suggested that i should go to some pub tomorrow and get myself a good old fashioned hang over for chritmas day .. loving it :)) .. will update on that after that.

I hoping to do some xmas shopping tomorrow and i am relying on that people will not shop tomorrow that much compared to what i saw yesterday n so .. cudn't even step inside store .. hopefully there are not many last minute shopper's like me .. which again i highly doubt .. we'll see that tomorrow ..

hope u all r having a wonderful xmas time also .. share the xmas feeling with everyone .. and have a nice, safe, warm, snowy christmas :D

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