Sunday, January 04, 2009

HDR Comparison

Recently, I have been doing bit of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography or post-processing as you may call it. Normally, I am not very fond of post-processing, am more of a in-camera shot kinda person or mebbe becoz I just can't do photoshop'ing.

Over the Christmas, we did few hikes around the Dublin mountains.

Here are two shots of the same place, first one is in-camera shot:

and here is the HDR processed one:
HDR Track

Which one do you like?


davideblog said...

Hey Mohan,

first of all, great shot. I really like it!
Someone could argue (maybe it's true, I don't know) that even in camera shots (JPEG) are (post)processed. Indeed, only RAW photos files are not (but again, not 100% sure).
I like both. The first one because it's the original shot, and the second one because you did a great job on that! What did you change on it? Just the levels?

Ah, happy 2009 :-)

PS: I'm thinking of entering the DSLR world as well. Maybe with a Canon 450D (the new Nikon D90 is amazing but also very expensive). What do you think?

Mo said...

Hii Davide

Thanks for the comments. Indeed all images are post-processed in some ways or another. But probably what i meant was more to do with photoshop post-processing where one changes the natural settings of the photo. Most of the stuff I did, was in Photomatix, itsa tone-mapping n hdr creating software. There are quite a few settings which one can play with. Thats why HDR is always different for everyone depending on how you like it (check here -

I think both Canon n Nikon are awesome, thou Nikon lens can be bit more pricey sometimes. D90 is very good, it has video also, thou not sure if u wanna shoot video with DLSR :) ..

Happy 2009 to you also..


Your Graceness said...

for me, hdr hands down. i particularly like how it brings out some gold and red colors that you don't see as much in the first one.

i'm also interested in getting a dslr...have to save up for it though. :) nikon d90 was also on my list. let's see.