Saturday, January 03, 2009

4 Yrs

Its been 4 long years for this blog. I mainly started it to keep in touch with friends, after Princeton. Over the months, years, sometimes I have neglected it, sometimes wrote crap (still), sometimes posted pictures, travel logs, sometimes wrote about work, most recently mobile photo blog etc etc.. It never found a niche, it was never meant too. Its follows me and has a diverse range of interests :).

Just now, it striked me, we need a new makeover for it. I don't like the banner image anymore, its too dark n red n 2006. Hence first n foremost, I want to make a new banner image for it (like very soon), but seeing my Photoshop skills, it might take a little longer, but very soon.

Actually, I wanted to move it over to my own domain or wordpress, where I can tweak it more. Mebbe I'll do it this year, but not sure.

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