Sunday, April 06, 2008

Opera - first time for everything

Report Submitted. Afterwards I went out to see opera (i can't believe I sat thru' 3 hours of it, + 15 min. of clapping :); thou Bollywood movies are pretty much 3 hours too.. so I shudn't complain) with some friends. It was good fun. It was called "The Marriage of Figaro", its one of most succesful work of Mozart's. I must say, it was very pleasant exprience, didn't knew what to expect and as I was busy with work, didn't had a chance to read about it before going. So here I was, everyone in cocktail dresses n all. Anyway, it was different n nice, majorly due to the fact that it had a comic touch to it, some of scene were very funny, n the italian singing, reading sub-titles was nice, otherwise no clue whats going on (a friend mentioned they r not called subtitles, as they above the stage n not below.. forgot what she said thou'). For the first time, it was good, if you haven't been to any, start with The Marriage of Figaro, not so dramatic :)

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lil said...

indeed marriage of figaro is one of those opera with comedy, so it's very entertaining. i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

by the way, it's surtitle