Sunday, April 13, 2008

Live from Barcelona (Delayed Post)

late post but i just saw that this post i wrote in barcelona but it didn't post due to connection problems but bloggger saved it .. so here it goes :)

last two days have been awesome, so much sun, which sadly we don´t get much in Dublin. Anyway, Barcelona is a great city, its quite different from rest of cities I have visited. First of all, there is lot of influence of Gaudi architectural style. The night life seems quite crazy, its like an entirely different city at night. We went to one club last night, thou´ was dead tired from all day of sightseeing, was quite loud. There were signs all around not to smoke inside the club but everybody was smoking :). Reminded of German clubs with clothes stinking the next day but it was good fun. Def. not to miss if you are in the city. Walking around the city is quite good, everything is pretty much walkable distance. The sea-front is brilliant, with lot of stuff to see, things happening around (music, clubs, cable-car to top of hill), n ah we went to see Aquarium, was ok, the price was bit too much for 20 min. n no student discount but we did see some sharks.

More later.. ciao

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