Sunday, January 28, 2007

Road Trip

Just a few pics, more on flickr ->
You shud know this :)
Milan Castle
As I mentioned earlier, the beautiful settings of Lake Como and Belagio. For recent ref., the latest Bond movie, was shot here, when he was recovering from enjuries :)
So what, if we cudn't skii, there was HOOOOTERS in Interlaken. We (not me) had like a 30 chicken wings at 1 AM in morning, after dinner n several beers. Jao is unbeatable in it.
Here is Jao, I bet he is unbeatable in eating Chicken Wings, I hav never seen anything like that. After dinner, and several beers, he had like 2 dozen chicken wings. And imp. thing - didn't throw up ;)
Once more Jao, somewhere along Lake Como, in summer this place wud be un-matchable
Small incident/accident in swiss, actually both are side view mirrors were hit by the time we finished the road trip :))
Thats it..

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