Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sneak Preview

First and foremost, I AM BAK; the switch to my internet world is up and running.

Now to some real posting :), we went to see Sneak Preview tonight, like it when the movie is not known beforehand, offcourse sometimes it doesn't turn out right but tonight was like damn, what a movie, just love it.

No more suspense, its called "The Departed", didn't had any idea of it before as regular readers will know, my internet was not working; Its an awesome movie, one of the best I have seen this year, rivetting dialogues, outstanding performances by the A-grade actors, awesome punchlines, complex character drama, and smart & suspenseful. I would def. give it 9/10. And its Martin Scorsese movie, what more you can ask. Don't read more, just watch it!!

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