Saturday, October 07, 2006


Looks like the best drinking-party-crazy crowd has gathered in our student-wohnheim; for last few days, we have tried all sorts of ways to drink.

And those drinking card games.. unimaginable.. you can't leave the table without being drunk. And if you have ever tried the Irish Drinkin Games.. just do it!!

We have the Irish - unbeatable in drinkin; then we have Spanish - who can party all night everyday of the week; then we have the Americans - who have all the energy to try everything they can and many more to join the team and take it to the next level. God bless the student exchange programs :)) !!!!

And to make the things - we have the American Moustache House Party tonight - Host'd by THE J :)) .. Watch out for this space again, you don't wanna miss this one!!

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