Friday, April 07, 2006

Final Hurdle

yesterday i cleared the final hurdle for getting my degree, submitted my final exam result, also submitted my internship letter (which i thought i already did but my course coordinator said he has no record but i had a copy so i gave it again) and arranged the courses to be on degree.. Hurrayyyy!!!!! .. its feels great and a kind of satisfaction in completing Masters.. even thou it makes me move to the not-so-evil world.. but isn't this what i was waiting for since i was a kid.. but.. ok not but shut.. Next week... i will get my preliminary degree.. :))

i am looking forward to the sunny weekend of Munich (after snowing terribly 2 days ago).. another reason .. lot of princetonians (spl. zak, jeanne n thomas) are gonna be in Munich this weekend and it wud be a big happy family reunion n party n drink n enjoy.. those who can't make.. we will party for you too :))..

Enjoy your weekend and drink a beer where ever you r in this world !!

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