Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bad day for my blog

Something happened t'day, while i was posting a new post for the weekend, and when i tried to publish the blog, it got stuck'd and then suddenly everything in it was gone. Empty page, nothing was showing.. all messed up :-( .. black screen ..

After looking for possible reasons, i found that half of the template code was messed up, basically totally missing, and hence nothing was showing up.. don't how it happened, but on google groups someone mentioned that "Templates can be damaged by gremlins (aka Bloger Quirks)".. no clue wat they r..

so I had to opt for a new template (as i didn't had any saved copy of old) which means i lost months of changes which i made in the template :-(( and now its up n running but in stripped down mode ..but as soon i have time and patience, will update the template!!

Save your template before it gets messed up !!


room for thoughts said...

Did you ask if has some kind of backup?

small-M said...

i wonder if blogger has bak up of the template.. tried asking on the blogger groups, but no use.. :-(

small-M said...

but all the posts n archive are still there.. :)