Thursday, December 31, 2009

My fav. shots of 2009

Here are some of my own favorite shots taken in year 2009.

Snowboarding in Wicklow
Had a great snow season early this year in Dublin.

No Skateboarding
Taken during several dublin walks with my camera :)

French TV Presenter
Ireland winning the Grand Slam - 6 nations Rugby.

Mac Ports
Got a new macbook pro.

Dublin in Selective Colors
Graffiti by Maser

Sunset from the cave
Southern Californian Sunset

Waves crashing on shore
Beautiful moment - crashing waves on the sunset

Real sunset sky
Amazing Sunset Colors

The Corner Edge
Disney Concert Hall - LA

20 sec LA exposure
20 sec of LA

Kite Flyers
Japanese Kite Flying festival with friends

9000 ft
Almost 10,000 ft - great hike

Storm Valley
Yosemite welcomes with a storm, it was my first ever drive in mountains + storm didn't help :) but it was amazing

El Capitan and The Three Brothers
This place is just beyond words, calm, peaceful, beautiful, scenic, river flowing sound, the granite drops .......

Me 'Kings Canyon
at Kings Canyon

Pillars of our world - Redwood Trees

Wire Sunset
feeling of how vast landscape in CA is

just as I imagined it
as I left it in my mind last time

Nostalgic Empire

time for reflection
To my wonderful friends in Dublin, THANKS.

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Linda said...

Great pics! Nice rich colors too.