Monday, July 20, 2009

Thoughts from West Coast

  • some wonderful tea flavors at Cha for Tea (still ginger black tea with milk is still best) but its nice to have cold tea flavors in this weather
  • speaking of weather - its 35 C .. living in such hot weather in quite a loooong time
  • speaking of weather again - nobody talks about how good the weather is here, sun is always shining; its also nice how back in Dublin, life sort revolves around good weather
  • got a credit card (of 100 USD limit :D) for building US credit history or thats what the bank lady told is a good idea
  • likes the vegetation here (apart from the palm tress), feels like back home in India
  • Indian food is def. way better
  • there are lots n lots of Asians in Irvine .. almost everyone :)
  • almost impossible to do anything without a car .. ok i already knew that but thought might be different

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