Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The 7x7 Journey (photo-book)

I have been meaning to get some of my photos in a book / printed form for sometime now, not that I have pro photos or anything but more of a collection of some good shots taken over the years (mostly in 2007-2008). So today I finally self published a photo collection in a book form titled "The 7x7 Journey" at blurb.com; you can find the link and preview of the book on the right hand column. The cover looks as -

Its a collection of photos (20 pages - 40 photos) in 7x7 format.

Hope you like. And yeah you can buy it also from the link above or link on right hand side. Its reasonably priced at Euro 10 for a softcover version.

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room for thoughts said...

What a lovely idea!!