Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Killing Spree

Whats wrong with all these shooting and killings at the US universities and schools. In news an hour ago, 18 shot, gunman dead at Northern Illinois University.

Last weekend we were talking about something similar (over a game of Spades), about guns and whether one should have them or not (not that I want one, they are a menace to society and should be banned in my opinion). While discussing, a canadian friend of ours said, they always had gun in family but mostly pass on thru' family sort, even in mine, some uncles of mine had guns in their farms, but thats doesn't mean, we go killing like this. What makes these students, people, even teenagers .. to go on killing spree's. Is it just becoz that guns are so much widely accessible in US and somehow your don't think your life is the best you have (think of people living in worse conditions than we are and still fighting hard to live their lives, its a shame) or how does one makes that jump from having an access to gun to killing spree. Are we lacking in teaching the kids about it, is it so stressful for them, not sure and hard to pin point the reasoning behind it.

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