Sunday, August 05, 2007

Change is Universal - India

After a bit of searching, i found the excellent documentary which BBC did this year about India hosted by Sanjeev Bhaskar. And i must say, its one of best i have seen, potraying india in all forms and not just slums, snake charmers :) etc... which is still very much part of india too but its changing and as a country, we have lot more to offer in all aspects of life. I think, Sanjeev gives a very insightful view of the society which we have now, as i always say, its a huge country with lots of different cultures and its hard to put everything in one hour episode... but its good to see all ascepts of India or any country for that matter. Can't put all in here, so you gotta watch it :))

If you have a hour to spare and want to know more, have a look.. you would def. learn something :) .. And as he says in the beginning "its gott to be different.. different .." and he does that pretty well. Ah and if you don't know who Sanjeev is.. there is always Wikipedia.. LINK.

Hope you like it too and i would love to hear your viewpoint about it.

And its excellent quality video.. so enjoy.

PS: Works better in Firefox and its scaled better to fit. IE is not letting the video scale to fit window.

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