Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pure Fun - Wii

wow, wii, so so cooool.. just cool. Today, for the first time, I played few hours of games on Nintendo Wii and man it is just so much more fun than all those Xbox's or the ever expensive PS3's. Bowling is like real bowling with the throws n all.. golf is like real golf with all the swings.. tennis like tennis.. and don't even try boxing.. after a few games.. its worns you out.. :)) .. i am sure other games are equally immersive..

Wii for All, originally uploaded by pinboke_planet.

In short it is pure fun, with a bunch of friends and so easy to play (sort of) and controller does wats its suppose to do. Kudos to Nintendo!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mohan, you would never guess, I just bought the Wii 2 weeks ago and its really fun........some friends try hard to find reasons to visit me again, but I know they just wanna come for playing ;), Claudi