Friday, June 15, 2007

Flickr Censorship!!

Against Censorship!, originally uploaded by vandyrk.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the censorship imposed by fickr on user photos, banning members and blocking specific photos. Also, based on my experience on flickrCentral group, that the moderators often lock topics, discouraging sensitive conversations and sorts (who gets to decide that, thou' personally I didn't feel those topics were sensitive). They also have now safe, moderate, etc. settings for every flickr member based on his/her photos, decided by flickr management, which sounds bit crazy to me. Also, in news that they have blocked turning on "Safe Search Off" feature in some countries.

I am a huge fan of flickr and its service.. and it has helped me grow my love for photography to a higher level. I have spent hours exploring it :)) ..

Although it is a sensitive topic for both sides, who want some sort of censorship and who are against it. I totally accept if its under some sort guidelines. They can't just one day, block pictures and members.. a protocol is necessary.

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