Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shrek 3 Preview

Thanks to some Russians :), just watched the very awaited Shrek 3. Hmm, its kinda hard to put it into category, its not the best of the Shrek's but its def. an above average movie with stunning animations. The movie is a bit loose on story line-up, at least i thought so. Bit it has it good moments and a must see at least for once :). My fav. part was the "offspring's of Donkey and the Fire Dragon" .. perfect combination of flying-fire-donkey-dragon. You will also get to see some old fairy-tale characters. Overall, its an entertaining movie.

It was not as disappointing as the Spiderman 3, which was completly off-track, with tons of characters, plots, detours and too long with all the drama. Hopefully some good fast fight scenes kept me away from sleeping.

And looking forward to the final sequel of Pirates of the Caribbean. It has to be good ;)

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