Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cricketing News

Its the ONLY sport we play on world level and its not a great news for the millions of cricket fans in India. Yesterday, we lost again in the crucial match of cricket world cup to qualify for the final 8 and now rest our of hopes of making it on an unlikely defeat for Bangladesh by debutants Bermuda on Sunday . If you are still wondering, what is cricket, read on wikipedia.

I am not ardant fan of cricket, used to be, but still feels bad that we can't even make it to top 8 in the ONLY sport we play and now a days, it seems all about money. No harm in making money from sport but its has crossed the limits where money is over the game. The equation is somethin like this probably, play local level exceptionally good, earn a spot in the national team, play some good games, make millions of bucks from fees and ads and forget the game.

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