Friday, February 23, 2007


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Few weeks ago, I posted about sharing some news, forgot about it myself :). But now time is ripe, so here it is.. Last month (after a wonderful & never-ending free time in Munich, trips across europe etc.). I decided to take my new research job and hence move to Dublin. From the land of famous german beer to the land of equally famous Irish beer and pubs :)), DUBLIN. Have heard a lot about the city in recent years, so expectations are high. Till now, in last 6 weeks, things are smooth, ok red-tapism is everywhere.. but the transition has been smooth. Can't say much about the city from my point view, still have to explore it. But it def. has a vibe to it. And yeah, the weather changes so equickly .. even before you can open your eyes. Enjoyin' the start, n hopefully will write more about it in coming weeks or months or years.. as it goes.

As per Munich (can't finish without mentioning it), its still like next to me, n will be forever.

And finally, I am going to Delhi next week for a month.. relaxing times.. and the good food :)


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