Sunday, March 26, 2006


hey alllllll
quite a few days without blogging.. i was busy reading for my Last/Final exam for my Master's program which was on Friday. Before I get to it, been a long 2 weeks for the preparation, 25 lectures, 1200 slides, 12 book chapters :-)) .. And since coming back from US, it's my first major exam, which means after almost 18 months.
But I enjoyed studying it, even thou I didn't need to give it as per requirements, but i wanted it in my course-work, it was on "Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics".
So before boring you more, and getting to the NEWS of the year (for my life offcourse). I gave the exam on friday and hip hip hurray, cleared it with an awesome grade.
And IT COMPLETES MY MASTERS :-)), which means I would officially now have an International Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering degree from TU-Munich... yupppp ;-)
I am happy about it and all the decisions, hardships, living away from home, n everything else (good and bad) which I had to go thru', came to this country (Dankeshoen Deutschland), to get a good education and degree which is finally achieved. I even had to prolong it for my SCR internship for 1 year, which was big decision also for me, but now I am satisfied with all my decisions in last few years I had to made. :-)
I wrote an Acknowledgement to thank each and everyone of you who made an impact on my life in these year (also included in my thesis):

I would sincerely like to thank Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer for expressing his interest in supervising my work and supplied me with his valuable guidance and supported to help me to complete my work.
I would like to thank Dr. Bernd Wachmann, my supervisor at SCR, for all his suggestions
and constant support during my entire research work and giving me guidance in every step. I am also thankful to Dr. Claus Neubauer for giving me the opportunity to work at SCR.
I also had the pleasure of working with, Dr. John Chuo and Dr. Steven Choi, from RWJ
Hospital during the time of working on this thesis and there invaluable comments and support provided during the entire course of my project is indispensable. The medical data provided by them was crucial for my thesis and overall project work.
Here, I must also thank my graduate studies coordinators, Dr. Michael Bader, Prof.
Christoph Zenger, for providing me with the best environment to study at TU Munich.
And of course, I am grateful to my parents and my brother for their constant love,
patience, and support and believing in me throughout my studies.
Also special thanks to, N Gaur and D Gaur, for being so helpful and
supporting me during my studies.
Finally, I wish to thank my friends all over the world: Anja, Claudia, Meltem, Silvia,
Sebastian P., Grace, Geri, Zak, PA, Bjoern, Winy, Nat, Laura, Sebastian D, Andreas E (for all the good and bad times we shared and for being there to support during all times); Hans, Karl, Stephan, Thomas, Na, Julien E, Brad (invaluable team members at IVR); Bhavish, Bindia (back home); Rikki, Pae, Les, Srdjee, Anil, Konstantinos, Ahmed (for the wonderful time we had during our studies).

Sorry if I forgot someone, but I thank each n everyone of you, even if it might have been a short time we shar'd.

An important milestone of my life with all the exprienences.

Thanks ALL
Mohan Singh

Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience.
Swami Vivekananda


rakesh kay said...

muchas gracias for the mention compadre..and best wishes on not having to see bader in his silly cap anymore (hope he aint reading this!)lol

small-M said...

Thanks man.. offkurs.. he won't see.. hes too busy with CSE management ;-)

minos said...

Very Cool!
Congratulations Mohan!

small-M said...

thanks thomas :-)

Simi said...

hey, wish u all the best for ur exams.
tx for stopping by on my blog..

Denise Gaur said...

hey Montu, my little brother-in- law i am sooooo proud of only if we could just get N to chill...i know we could have a blast!! Glad I could help....always here for you if you need anything...just ask.:-) ur bobbi...Denise.

small-M said...

hi bhabhi, nice to see your comment and that you read my blog :-).. both of you have been of great help during the last years..thanks again.. and offcourse, we cud make N to chill out with us ;).. cya soon.. Mo.