Sunday, February 12, 2006

GMail - First Sign of Annoyance

ok, since google announced this chat n mail merger; the gmail interface has started to annoy me a bit; I mean its still cool but the new stuff they introduced is kinda annoying me, like
1) the pop up whenever my mouse moves over any name anywhere on the screen and shows me options about mail n chat n other; please i know what to do and no need to show options everytime for un-necessary stuff
2) secondly its a mail program; not a chat machine; it is great option but somehow its annoying me and make me feel like its a chat program now and instead of sending mail, lets chat :-) but its not possible always, which is a good, :-)).. hope i get over this and get used to it
Please let's keep it SIMPLE.. (for the time being, i hav disabled all of them and stick'd to the old version without annoying pop-ups & chat)
3) Finally, not related to gmail but Google Desktop 3, which has this feature where they make copies of the documents indexed so that they can be shared or searched over different machines; Beware people, it can make your private documents "not so private". But Gott sake, its an option and not by default.

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