Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year '06; Glückliches Neues Jahr '06; Nav Varsh ki Subhkamna '06

to my family and
all my friends in each and every corner of this world: Wish you all a wonderful & prosperous new year '06

First post for the new year, nothing special to write..

second last day of last year was not very good, my mind crossed the boundaries of sanity and went into frantic, frenzied, hysterical, depressed, daff world; but don't worry i am back to not-so insane world. But the evening and night were bad.. don't know the reason.. so can't write much..

last day of last year, started well, had coffee (actually its my own version) and read the book (never let me go).. my friend made lots of indian food, very good, and we had early dinner with our neighbours from spain, finland, serbia. And later on, went to a club with sil, raj, chu, allen; and danced to welcome the new year :-) ..

first day of the new year, terrible back pain ;-).. nothing special either, just bit of working, music, mails, n stuff..

Oh i made some new year resolutions:
  1. Kein Rauchen: actually i never did, but however less it was, no more
  2. To be more patient (suggested by someone); but i think i am patient, but again i have to figure out the areas where it can improved, sounds complicated, we'll see
Some upcoming things in New Year:
Next Week: Uni starting, taking lecture which i missed last year (can be a resolution); exams
End Jan: Thesis completion
Feb: Applications
March: last exam for master's; applications
April: Graduation, finally, yippy :-)

More as it comes..

Peace n Prosperity for everyone, No Wars, Be Generous, Help Others


human life my granted just once...
Thank god for keeping you amongst the lucky ones...

When we have a momentary stay on earth..
Why believe in love, out of love and hate concept,,,
When everone accepts noone is perfect..
Why earn and amass enormous wealth..
When it cannot buy even basic - good health
Why fight...disagree..and make our lives a mess..
When..the length of our stay on one can guess..

Life my dear doesn't give a second chance...
Dont sit and stare,there's no time to take a glance...
spread love not rumours and be tender to young..
create peace and compassion and be humble with the tongue

Learn patience and perseverence,...
And make life for everyone around one nice, beautiful song...
Never do anything you wouldn't do in your last hour..

To let life leave you with memories more sweet less sour..
Live each moment as if it was the last one left...
Live it the best way possible...before it goes undealt...

By: Bindia (frm: back home in Delhi), Edited by Me

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